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Recently Added

Gender And Extractives In Zimbabwe A Collection Of Stories Of Women And Their Experiences
PWYP (2017) | stories

The Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill:Its Promises and Pitfalls
Mutuso Dhliwayo (2017) | Mining

A Review of Forest Related Polices, Legislation and Institutional Arrangements to Support Community Concerns on Sustainability Forestry Management(sfm) and Utilization
ZELA (2016) | Climate

The Implications of the revised Framework for Indigenisation abd Economic Empowerment and Investment in the Mineral Resource Sector in Zimbabwe
Byron Zamasiya and Tafadzwa Dhlakama (2016) | Investments

ZELA (2016) | community, mining

Mineral Revenue Disclosure and the Information Needs of Various Stakeholders: A Gap Analysis
ZELA (2016) | Mining

Second Draft of the National Forest Policy
ZELA (2016) | climate Change

Community Monitors Report
Nyaradzo Mutonhori (2016) | communities Mining

A Booklet on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
Nyaradzo Mutonhori (2016) | Human Rights

Zimbabwe Alternative Mining Indaba 2016 Declarations
ZELA (2016) | zami

Responsible Investment In The Natural Resources Sector : An Analytical profile of the Mining Sector in Zimbabwe
Lenin Tinashe Chisaira and Rodney Ndamba (2016) | Mining Responsible Investments

Guiding Notes On Creation Of A Kimberly Process National Tripartite Structure In Zimbabwe: Improving KPCS Compliance Monitoring and Implementation.
Shamiso Mtisi (2016) | Mining

Domestic Resource Mobilization in Zimbabwe’s Mining Sector: Enablers and Inhibitors
Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (2016) | mining

The Great Dyke Exchange Visit on CSOTs and CSR
ZELA (2015) | communities

Cross-Sectorial Harmonisation Forest Forces
ZELA (2015) | report

Analysis of ZMDC's 2012 Audited Financial Statements
ZELA (2015) | report

The prospect of Leveraging Domestic Resources to Finance Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Measures in Zimbabwe
Tafadzwa Dhlakama (2015) | Climate Change

Consolidation of Diamond Mines in Zimbabwe: Implications, Comments and Options
Shamiso Mtisi (2015) | mining

The State Of The Policy And Legal Framework On Clean Renewable Energy Production In Zimbabwe
ZELA and FES (2015) | climate

Our Thinking: Strategic Interventions And Focus Issues In Zimbabwe's Extractive And Mining Sector
ZELA (2014) | Mining

Community Voices
ZELA (2014) | communities

A review of Zimbabwe's Draft Mineral Policy
Mutuso Dhliwayo (2014) | Mining

A Commentary On The Sovereign Wealth Fund ACT OF Zimbabwe
Nyaradzo Mutonhori (2014) | Investment

Community Rights and Engagement With Mining Companies
ZELA (2014) | communities mining

Community Share Ownership Trusts(CSOTs) In Zimbabwe’s Mining Sector
(2013) | community, mining

Update On KPCS And Zimbabwe
Shamiso Mtisi (2013) | mining

Tracking The Trends:An Assessment of Diamond Mining Sector Tax Contributions to Treasury with Particular Reference to Marange Diamond Fields
Mukasiri Sibanda and Gilbert Makore (2013) | mining

Unlocking Economic development from the abundant mineral resources in Zimbabwe: What are the current problems and possible solutions
ZELA (2013) | zami

Zimbabwe Alternative Mining Indaba (ZAMI), 2013: Declarations By Participants
ZELA (2013) | zami

Zimbabwe Alternative Mining Indaba 2013 Report
ZELA (2013) | zami

An Outline Of The Mining Taxation Regime In Zimbabwe
ZELA (2012) | mining, tax

Mining Within Zimbabwe's Great Dyke: Extent , Impacts & Opportunities
Gilbert Makore & Veronica Zano (2012) | mining, community

Towards The Development of a Diamond Act in Zimbabwe
Mutuso Dhliwayo and Shamiso Mtisi (2012) | mining

Extractives Industries Policy And Legal Handbook -
Shamiso Mtisi, Mutuso Dhliwayo and Gilbert Makore (2011) | Mining

Sowing The Seeds Of Advocacy Work On Transparency And Accountability In The Extractive Sector In Zimbabwe
Shamiso Mtisi (2011) | mining

Update and Analysis of Extractive Sector and Mining Issues in Zimbabwe
ZELA (2011) | mining

A Review of the Medium Term Plan and the Mid Year Fiscal Policy Statement and their Implications on Mining
Mutuso Dhliwayo (2011) | mining

Community Participation In BioFuels CROP Production In Zimbabwe : A focus on the Policy and Practical Aspects
Shamiso Mtisi and Gilbert Makore (2010) | climate

The Legal And Policy Framework For Community Participation In Trans-boundary Natural Resource Management (TNRM) Initiatives
Mutuso Dhliwayo, Makanatsa Makonese and George Gapu (2009) | community

Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset)
Government of Zimbabwe (2008) | community

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