A just energy transition: Unlocking community potential and participation 07- 09 February 2023


20 January 2023


Multiple stakeholders including labour, academics, NGOs, communities, activists and business from around Africa will gather for the 14th Alternative Mining Indaba (AMI) in Cape Town between 07- 09 February 2023 to deliberate over policy reforms, transparency and accountability, and responsible supply chains in the mining sector. The 2023 instalment of the Indaba will meet under the theme “A just energy transition: Unlocking community potential and participation” and focus on finding self-determining solutions to a clean transition.

200 participants working in the sector will meet at the AMI 2023 to discuss reclaiming African economies from multinational companies that continue to externalise profits through corporate tax abuse while internalising environmental costs. Therefore, centering on the lived realities of people from communities affected by these companies is imperative for a just energy transition.

The AMI will connect community members, activists, faith leaders, and civil society to cultivate a collision of worlds, knowledge, and experiences. The AMI through meaningful and engaging dialogue, critique, analysis, and capacity building sessions will focus on better understanding the opportunities and challenges associated with a global just energy transition. The call for a just transition from fossil fuels means that people have an opportunity to avoid the very worst impacts of climate change. Organisers of AMI understand that the global South bears the most brunt of these impacts with recent flooding for example in South Africa, Nigeria and Madagascar already killing thousands and displacing households and livelihoods.

Mukupa Nsenduluka, the Indaba Chairperson and Policy Officer at the Tax Justice Network Africa said that the AMI will meet for its 14th conference because the extractive sector has for decades acted without impunity without being held accountable for its tax or environmental injustices.

“To date, mine host communities Africans have not benefited from their oil, mineral and gas wealth but instead continue to suffer deepened poverty, social and cultural disruptions as well as irreparable environmental damages and the violation of human rights. As such, the AMI is a space where we focus discussions on communities affected by mining to ensure that these vulnerable groups, especially women and youth, are not left behind and excluded from benefiting,” said Nsenduluka.

People wishing to participate in the Indaba are encouraged to apply as soon as possible as spaces are limited. You can apply using the link: bit.ly/3j4drky.For media enquiries please contact Rumana Akoob on 0780366832 or rumana@judavaworx.co.za.

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