About the data extractors program


21 October 2021

Compiled by Eunica Pabwaungana-Shurugwi Community Development Trust

ZELA is a public interest law organisation Its vision is to promote environmental justice through sustainable and equitable utilisation of natural resources.

  • It promotes community rights, transparency and accountability and legal reforms in the mining sector 
  • It improves engagement between mining companies, Government officials and communities
  • ZELA is there for the benefit of people in the community, many communities have views, but it was very difficult to express and overcome before the organisation capacitated the citizens.  


So that impacted communities can benefit and enjoy their fair share of mineral wealth through service delivery which is an end game.

  • Service delivery includes water and sanitation, clinics, bridges, dams, schools etc.

Who is responsible for development?

Central government, Local government, Community Share Ownership Trusts, Development Partners not limited to ZELA, OXFAM, MASO, ZIMCODD, ZWRCN, etc

  • Why demanding developments from Central government –because they are given tax, mining companies pay high tax because they have many services.

Why Zela trained Data extractors in Shurugwi? 

  • So that community will be able to know about the local, economic, and social developments in Tongogara Rural District Council (RDC) 

WHY? — Because we have mineral wealth and several mining companies operating in our community (e.g) platinum group of metals and Unki mine operating and gold being mined by Falcon mine.

Community needs to know

1. Tax agreements between government and mining companies 

2. Balance recruitment in mining companies so that locals also benefit

3. Agreements on CSOT and how they are going to claim for services and is it a fair deal

Examples of what Data extractors can gather as information 

– Right of a girl child 

-Community engagement development policy

-Unity tax agreement

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