About the Time4Action Summit


Compiled by Simbisayi Nyamhandu

17 September 2021

The time 4 action two hour Summit took place on the 10th of September 2021.The event was in commemoration of the one year anniversary of the #MyPlaneMyRights campaign.The occasion gathered 130 online attendees on zoom, every session of the occasion was recorded  and attracted an incredible mix of youths and children across the globe from countries that include Columbia, Phillipine, Germany, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Zambia amongst others.Registration for the conference was only open to selected participants on zoom.However, it was later opened to the general public on facebook.

To kickoff the celebration was a 12 months video which celebrated the achievements of the my Planet, my Right International campaign. The video looked back on what had been accomplished by youths and children around the world, how youths had gained experience and acquired training through the collection of signatures online and offline despite the Covid19 pandemic.

The youth participated throughout the full summit that is, in hosting the event, giving speeches and also in engaging moments. Together they applauded how essential it was that young men,women, boys and girls played a key role in the My planet, My right campaign.

The time for Action session was brought to life by international artistes, who highlighted and brought to life masterclass performances ranging from a dance art from South East Asia, a Concert by “The Rockers” band from Latin America. The final staging ended on a high note with a splendid act by Kreativagentur, a sand artist who drew something about the campaign.

The most important aspect of this celebration was when David Boyd, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to a healthy environment agreed to receive the petition in advance of the United Nations Human Rights Council session. The handover ceremony was part of the campaign summit Time for Action, the petition was presented to Mr Boyd live on facebook and zoom and had more than 140 000 signatures that had been collected by youths and children in a year.

In conclusion, holding an event at this level was in itself a major milestone in breaking international silence on environmental child rights, it represented a unique moment in the youths and children collective efforts to protect the environment. The occasion was well managed, worked seamlessly and feedback from attendees was positive as they loved the experience.

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