Call for consultancy: Artistic social commentary on tax justice


Deadline: 10 August 2021

Time Frame for assignment: 10 days

Reports to: Media and Communications Officer/Programme Officer

  1. Introduction and background

Given Zimbabwe’s huge mineral resource endowment, it is undisputable that revenue mobilisation from the mining sector is key in the ongoing domestic resource mobilisation efforts. However, there are concerns of the existent gaps in the legal and regulatory frameworks governing the exploitation and management of mineral resources. These are characterised by lack of independent enforcement and oversight bodies, weak accountability of resource revenue use, inequitable distribution of mineral revenue resulting in failure by some locals to fully benefit from the exploitation of mineral resources. As outlined in the National Development Strategy 1, weak governance in the sector has, however, been the major limiting factor. The country has hardly realised the full value of its mineral resources due to leakages. These take the form of transfer mispricing, smuggling and under declaration.

Recognising all these gaps and the need to improve mineral resource policies, legal, regulatory and administrative frameworks so as to maximise the development outcomes of mineral resources exploitation, in 2009, African Union Heads of State and Government adopted the Africa Mining Vision (AMV) whose goal is to promote “transparent, equitable and optimal exploitation of mineral resources to underpin broad-based sustainable growth and socio-economic development.”

Given this background a local NGO seeks the services of an artist/artists to use art as social commentary in highlighting how tax justice in the mining sector can be enhanced so that the revenue contributes to human development. The commentary should also be a window in providing an insight of how the country can   prevent illicit financial flows from the mining sector.

2.0 Main Objectives of the Consultancy

In consultation with the organization’s programs team a consultant is expected to develop a well outlined art commentary that also demonstrates adequate research in the tax field.

2.1 Specific terms of reference

  • Apply critical skills in developing and producing 10 artistic social commentary posters that reflect how tax justice in the extractives sector can be promoted and enhanced.
  • Effort must be made to reflect how the government can levy just, progressive and adequate tax rates on mining and extractive activities and ensure that this revenue contributes to quality public services for all, with special priority to the needs of mining-affected communities and vulnerable groups.
  • Portray how investors can uphold the rights of communities affected by mining and other extractive activities.
  • Key Deliverables and Timeline
  • Research and develop appropriate content for the art commentary.  
  • Creatively unpack and simplify the mining taxation and how it can contribute to human development
  • Make sure that the visual arts clearly show how tax justice can address societal needs
  • The Consultant will be expected to produce 10 art commentary posters, reviewed, packaged and delivered in the following formats: Web size format for uploading to online media such as the Website, Twitter and Facebook; Mobile sized format compatible with social applications like WhatsApp.
  • Timeline

The assignment is scheduled to run for 10 days from the date of awarding of the contract.

  • Qualifications and Experience

Degree/Diploma or relevant qualification in Information Science, Creative Art, Graphic designing, and new media.

  • To apply

Interested candidates must submit their expression of interest together with the budget including previous work for reference purposes to  No applications will be entertained after the due date.

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