Call for consultancy: Study of COVID-19 Statutory instruments and their impact on mining operations in Zimbabwe


Deadline:25 June 2020

1.0 Background

A local NGO intends to produce a brief on COVID-19 Statutory Instruments and how their application has affected mining operations in Zimbabwe. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted mining operations world over, and mining companies have had to adapt by implementing appropriate health, hygiene and distancing measures aimed at protecting the lives of their indigenous workforce as well as the surrounding community. In addition, mining operations have had to be carried out differently in compliance with the requirements of the various statutory instruments passed over the declaration of a state of disaster by the President of Zimbabwe. The balancing act between compliance with law and ensuring levels of activities are high enough to produce profit has been of an unprecedented nature and requires a deeper analysis. It is also common cause that most mining activities in Zimbabwe takes place in the rural and largely underdeveloped areas of Zimbabwe. As such the impacts of the pandemic were disproportionately felt by these vulnerable communities where there are accessibility challenges to basic services including primary healthcare. Mineral wealth exploitation in Zimbabwe has contributed to the country’s economy and in a fragile economy such as that of Zimbabwe, it is imperative to examine the effect the pandemic has had on the mining sector. Consequently, an investigation of the current systems, policy and legislative framework is necessary to evaluate the adequacy or otherwise for to ensure environmental and human rights protection even in the face of an unprecedented pandemic.

2.0 Main Objective of the study

To produce a study focusing on impacts of COVID-19 SIs on mining operations in Zimbabwe with the aim of recommending policy and legislative reforms that are suited to address pandemic situations beyond COVID-19.

3.0 Specific Terms of Reference

The specific terms of reference of the study are:

  • To explore how the existence of the pandemic and associated restrictions affected the mining sector and various stakeholders in the mining value chain;
    •  To investigate how mining companies are fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities and community beneficiation duties in the pandemic and in compliance with the necessary Statutory Instruments.
    • To give recommendations on policy and legislative reforms that are suited to address pandemic situations beyond COVID- 19.

Key Deliverables

  • Produce a study that will highlight how the COVID-19 Statutory Instruments have impacted mining operations in Zimbabwe; and provide policy recommendations for the promotion of environmental and human rights in mining.


The consultant must have a law degree and/ or any other relevant degree and have at least 8 years’ experience in national work in the following fields; mineral resource governance, artisanal and small scale- mining and any other related field. The Consultant is expected to have ability to co-ordinate and moderate the relevant deliberations on the proposed legislation.

Interested and qualified Consultants who meet the above requirements should send their application clearly stating how they meet the requirements, methodology to be used and cost of the consultancy to: The title of the consultancy should be clearly stated in the email subject.

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