Celebrating the 2021 #GAM


23 November 2021

Midlands State University Environmental Society’s  core purpose is to educate, empower and engage students in environmental sustainability both on and off campus, through research, action, and awareness.

As MSUES we joined hands on the 13 and 14th of November preparing the land for the acacia tree species we wanted to plant. These trees were donated to us by the Forestry Commission (Gweru).

Acacia xanthophloea is a multipurpose tree that is important for people as a source of timber, medicine, forage, habitat for certain bird species, food source for animals like the vervet monkey to mention but a few.

In commemmoration of the Global Action Month, we planted 20 acacia tree seedlings a step towards a green economy that has peace and prosperity for all thus upholding children’s right to a safe and healthy environment.

Together we stand, divided we fall

“The environment is no one’s property to destroy but everyone’s responsibility to protect. “Mohith Agadi

The action and awareness initiative drew people on board to commit themselves to work hand in glove towards environmental sustainability.

Our environment, our community our responsibility.

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