Domboshava gold;curse or blessing?


30 July 2021

Compiled by Domboshava Residents Trust

The discovery of gold deposits in ward 4 recently has brought mixed reactions from the people of Domboshava, a village in the province of Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe.It is reported that the gold mine is rich with precious stones with the news that some are claiming as much as 2kgs production per day having set some tongues wagging. It is the general feeling that local resources should help develop the Nyamande community extending the tarred road done by the late sociate ‘Ginimbi’ to cover up to Gutsa shoppping centre. With the rumoured figures being realised at the mine, the proceeds could even build a secondary school, or even having the revenue channeled towards the construction of the much needed hospital.

GOLD is a finite resource and people will regret the opportunity when the gold is depleted without much development to the community which will be left to bear the brunt of disused pits left at the mercy of the community posing a danger to the environment. As it stands, clearly there is no plan for reclamation of the environment in these artisanal mines.

Residents interviewed who spoke on condition of anonymity bemoaned the presence of people from outside the area benefiting from the mine and locals being turned away. The presence of high security personnel has equally deterred many from attempting to access the gold mine. One young man expressed fear of the emergence of the notorious machete gangs who have become unpopular in resource rich areas.

As a BLESSING some privileged few residents are cruising in new cars from the proceeds of the mine while some are turning green with envy. God knows what lies ahead for the community of Domboshava.

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