Hear me out #MyPlanetMyRights


Blessed Marecha-Zimbabwe Youth Network

This is the voice of Children and youth who are crying in pain emanating from a serious violation of their right to a healthy environment which is taking place around the world but mainly in mining communities. At International level we have the Convention on the Rights of Children which through its Article 24 guarantees children a right to a healthy environment. At national level we have several legislations which seek to promote that right. Our Zimbabwean Constitution under the bill of rights in section 73 also provides for this right to a healthy environment. It goes a step further to place an obligation on everyone including the state to observe,protect and promote this Right.

However, what is on the ground pains as many children and youths are suffering from both land and water pollution emanating from poor refuse collection by the responsible authority or from extraction activities such as mining. This is seriously affecting their healthy and their growth. It is a fact that a right to a healthy environment is a key to the realization of other rights such as a right to food, water, healthy, education as well as the right to life. As duty bearers we have a responsibility to protect and promote this right so that it’s holders (children and youths) will realize and enjoy it. IWE NENI TINE BASA

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