Host community need to build a strong relationship with investors


Compiled by Eunica Pabwaungana -Shurugwi Community Development Trust

29 March 2022

Long lasting friendship is usually built upon transparency and accountability.

Ward 16 and 19 communities gathered at Unki mine Gazebo Nyathi campgrounds in Shurugwi. This was a fifth Community Engagement Forum (CEF) meeting which is done quarterly following the grievances by the community some few years ago and the consensus to meet regularly. The community agreed that 2 community representatives (gender balanced) should be elected in each local village to represent the community as advocates.  On Thursday 4 March 2022 members gathered at Gazebo included 4 Unki Mine representatives (the Social performance manager (Chairperson), Social performance clerk ,   Social performance officer) Councilor from Ward 19 the host community ,Chief Banga, environmental human right  defenders and community monitors who are members of the CEF.

After a word of prayer previous meeting minutes were read and seconded to be true

The Social Performance manager gave feedback of water and air samples which they took together with the Environmental Management Agency (EMA). Unki mine offloaded their tailings dam in January but the community complained of water turbidity, in February Unki mine stopped the water after taking some samples together with EMA. The mine will plant grass at the tailings dam to avoid dust . All air sampling points had dust baskets which have now been vandalized by the community.

Furthermore, Unki Mine mentioned the Dzikamidzi borehole project that was completed and 3 more to be drilled. The SP manager explained that in 2021 Unki mine paid a land developing levy of seven hundred and fifty _four thousand US$ 754 000 to Tongogara Rural District Council (TRDC) and sixty _ eight thousand five hundred and sixty US$ 68 560 to Shurugwi town council. In 2022 Unki mine is expecting to carry many projects in Shurugwi in different sectors together with World vision as a consultant.  

  • In the health sector Unki is targeting to donate at least nine hundred and fifty thousand US$ 950 000 to the host community which is ward 19 by building toilets and drilling of boreholes.
  • Pen fattening is already being done in wards 12, 24 and15.
  • Poultry in ward 11, 12 and 14
  • Unki mine promised to help children and upgrade 16 schools in Shurugwi including Chironde Primary and Secondary.

 Unki mine said it will not be able to recruit anyone who has less than 3 Ordinary Level subjects.

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