Impact of cultural beliefs in perpetuating GBV



Compiled Mnyalo Sibanda

Culture is a difficult thing to change. Culture is what builds the community.

As much as we would love to look deep in Gender Based violence, we must consider the best ways to deal with people’s cultures and beliefs. All what is done is derived from what our forefathers did and believed in.

Empowered women are viewed as a threat both in the so-called cultures and beliefs. Men will always do whatever it takes to keep women under control. To men, sticking to their culture is the best thing they can ever do best.

My suggestion is that Men should be educated so that they adapt to 21st century life’s ethics. The mind set of men should be able to embrace change of the times. They are the ones who need help more than women because they have the power to change things as per their culture.

Awareness should reach to our cultural leaders for they are the ones who are on the steering of our cultures. Cultural leaders should as well embrace change in their leadership styles and skills. 

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