Lockdown at Day 9:The face of Arda Transau Clinic



Article by –Mufute Tawanda

Arda Transau clinic

Over 1000 families who were relocated from Marange Diamond fields to pave way for commercial diamond mining are using one clinic which was constructed by Anjin Mining Company. The clinic offers services to nearby squatter villagers.

The medical personnel’s at the clinic work tirelessly to serve this huge population. The clinic does not have an ambulance to take people to Mutare Provincial Hospital since the clinic is a referral clinic. With the call to curb COVID 19 now at day 9, the nursing staffs at the clinic are finding it hard to perform their duties since no protective clothing, gloves, sanitizers, masks and other essentials needed in attending to patients were availed to them. The failure by government and the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company to provide these essentials to the clinic leaves the nurses and community at high risk of COVID-19 pandemic. According to day 9 statistics of 10 people tested positive, the numbers can rise if awareness is not done especially among the marginalized communities. As Arda Transau Relocation Development Trust we therefore recommend the following measures;

  1. Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company should provide the community with protective essentials to fight the spread of COVID 19.
  2. Awareness should be provided to all marginalized communities like Arda Transau by Ministry of Health and Child Welfare and other stakeholders.
  3. Call for Responsible mining practices by all mining companies operating in Zimbabwe.

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