Mimosa mining company reaches out to the community


Compiled by Kudakwashe Zivera

Mimosa mining company on 21/07/2020 once again enabled citizen participation by calling stakeholders for an EIA consultation meeting  for an expansion of a tailings dam and opening of a new shaft at North hill.

The meeting was attended by the local Chief,DDC ,RRDC,government departments and the CLC.We had a tailings  dam site visit and we were informed that the dam will take about 197 ha but within their lease area.They also informed us that the former tailings dam had 114 ha which still have a life time of about 4years.This new dam will eventually lapse with the mine life.

During the question and answer segment on the impact the question was on inclusive participation were we encouraged that the consultation should include the majority of the Mhondongori community although we are wary of Covid 19.We all agreed that the date will be set to enable consultation  of other community member so that they can input their views.The other issue that came out was of the road that is used by the community and they said they will construct a good road that links the community.

The other issue was on spillages caused by the old dam that polluted village 8 stream downwards to Ngezi river.They promised that this dam will cater for those short comings caused by the former dam .The issue of man made stream that was created to protect erosion of the former tailings dam was also raised.The stream now drives water out of their lease into our small dams which were made specifically for a certain carrying capacity  which depends on the catchment area.Thus with the supply from this stream it came up that this caused destruction to  2 dams which are downstream. The other issue was that due the gradient it may cause spillages into the stream once again but the response was all is above board in making sure no spillages will be encountered.

Going to the new shaft,its underground mining with issues of noise ,dust  and blastings coming out and noted as problems .On dust and noise it the company promised to put measures to control that but blasting also  was acknowledged that this can affect villager near the lease area hence alternative measures will be taken which may result in some other communities being relocated.

So 23/07/2020 has been set as consultation day for the community  the most affected people.

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