Raising awareness on climate change at Hermann Gmeiner Primary school


Compiled by Tadiwanashe Trish Pfende

Date    : 12 November 2021

On the 8th of November to the 10th of November, my colleague Christine Jubane and I embarked on a journey to spread awareness on the topic of climate change to the local schools in Bindura. We visited Hermann Gmeiner Primary school, and we were accorded the opportunity to meet with the grade 5 to 7 pupils in a space of three days. Permission to meet the students was granted on the basis that we adhere to the Covid 19 regulations as well as to the school internal examination timetable, therefore we met the students in small groups of 60 students per session.

401 students doing grade 5 to 7 were taught on the issue of climate change. The information was divided into four categories to make it easier for the children to understand. The categories were explaining what climate change is, the causes of climate change, the effects and lastly the ways in which the children can play a role in this drive. It should also be noted that the students were very aware of what climate change was hence it was reinforcing the information that they already knew and giving them ideas of how they can play a role at reducing the effects of climate change at a household level as well as at community level.

More so, the school was encouraged to plant more trees on a quarterly basis so as to provide shade for the children as an adaptation measure to the heat wave and also help with the absorption of carbon dioxide. Mr. Mafunga, the school headmaster was very supportive in this initiative and even made teachers available to help us make information understandable to the students in cases where we failed to disseminate it. The headmaster also agreed that he will take part in the tree planting day as a way of playing a part in the climate change programme.

In conclusion, the students were very happy to have us there and participated more than we anticipated in the discussion and promised to make a change at a household and community level.                                                                                                                       

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