A local Non-Governmental Organisation is looking for the services of a top notch Small-Medium sized local Construction company, with proved experience and traceable references to design, plan and construct an Office and Conference Facility for the organisation. The facility will be a two story building including an executive wing, general wing, research unit wing,  administration wing and conference wing as will be revealed an discussed with the successful applicant. The work includes joint planning and constant consultation with the client on the design, plans and construction as the project progresses. 

Scope of Work

The following are the specific terms of reference and scope of work for the construction project;

  1. Work closely with the client’s team in designing and drawing the office and conference facility – this includes production of detailed designs and 3D Layout, plans, sections and elevations
  2. Operate computer software to assist with the design of the project.
  3. Analyse risks associated with civil works and design structures and services to meet appropriate standards.
  4. Assist client in approval of civil, engineering and other designs and plans with the relevant local and national authorities where applicable
  5. Work with the client on compiling the project cost and budget based on approved designs and plans
  6. Help the client in procurement, transportation and acquisition of quality materials
  7. Help the client or under the authority of the client, engage sub-contractors or other relevant personnel or workmen to provide other essential specialist construction or related services as may be necessary  
  8. Construct the Office and Conference Facility under the supervision of a designated Project team appointed by the client.
  9. At all stages of the design, planning and construction, the successful applicant will be required to ensure compliance with all local authority and national construction standards and statutory requirements.
  10. Carry out any other works that may be determined and agreed with the client.


The following are the required qualifications and experience for the small-medium scale construction company;

  1. Knowledge of modern high-quality building standards, designs and construction material use and application
  2. Demonstratable and proven experience, with traceable references, in construction of multi-story buildings or infrastructure in Harare
  3. Ability to timely deliver on the project and to meet set targets
  4. Building/construction qualification for project lead or support staff. Such qualification may be at any of the following levels, Certificate, diploma or degree as may be necessary.
  5. Over 15 years’ experience of key staff or personnel of the company in construction, building design, architecture and construction
  6. Must be a member of any Building, Construction, Engineering or Architectural associations 

To apply

Interested small-medium construction companies must submit their applications accompanied by an expression of interest letter/cover letter, a company profile with a least 5 references of construction projects previously completed, CVs of project lead and key staff members and their certificates where applicable.  

Applications can be submitted via email to or as hand delivered packages to No. 26 B Seke Road, Hatfield. Due date for receiving applications will be the 20th of October 2020.  No documents shall be received or entertained after the due date.

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