Support the girl child in her endeavors


Compiled by Dickson Manyumbu-Shurugwi

18 October 2021

A girl child must pursue her education no matter the circumstances. This was the message from the meeting convened on the 18th of October 2021 at Chironde Secondary school with the support from Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED) a nongovernmental organisation. It was a multi-Stakeholder meeting attended by the School Development Committee, Kraal heads, Village chairpersons, mother support groups among others. Mr Tivenge from the District Social development department and Mrs Mudzana were in attendance.  Mr Tivenge took us through on national case strategy system the objective was such that the school dropouts could be brought back to school no matter what befell them. Chironde Secondary school has several girls who dropped out of school with some having been impregnated and some being victims of early child marriages during the previous lockdown making it the second worst affected in the district. Mr Tivenge highlighted that the government could not go it alone it needs everyone’s effort, He advised the community should not handle cases beyond their control instead must refer them to their respective offices including to the community care worker who may refer the case to school then school to district or to police depending on the nature of the case. The community complained that some cases die natural deaths even when reported to police and that this discourages them from making further reports. Mrs Mudzana took us through counselling when counselling children the members present were advised to listen carefully and not to interrupt them when talking also assure him/her that the information she shared shall be kept confidentially. Don’t sympathise with her to the extent of pouring out tears. The local subchief, Mr Dera advised women not to be lured by money to the extent of selling their children. As a way foward, Kraal heads were tasked to convene meetings campaigning that girl impregnated or who got impregnated must go back to school. It was also proposed that those who marry underage girls must be reported to police so they get prosecuted while the girls continue with their studies.

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