Terms of Reference for Gemstone Identification Manual


Deadline:20 December 2022

Time Frame for assignment: 8 days

Reports to: Project Officer

1.Background and Introduction

A public interest organisation which is into natural resources governance and environmental justice work seeks to hire a consultant to develop a gemstone identification manual. The organisation is implementing a five-year project with the objective of nourishing the gemstone value chain to capacitate women with marketing and trading skills. This is being done to reduce illicit financial flows of gemstones through gemstone artisanal small-scale formalization, improve sustainable trade, value chain, value addition and beneficiation for improved livelihoods. This is towards result-oriented participation of marginalized groups of mining communities in the gemstone trade and value chains. A project baseline survey was convened and established a gap in identification and valuation of gemstones, Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) are producing stones they do not know the name, characteristics, and value.

Most of the coloured gemstone mining in Zimbabwe is performed by ASM; workers who use rudimentary technology, such as picks and shovels, to mine for minerals that are typically found in shallow deposits. These ASM are mostly farmers who alternate between farming and mining to provide for the household hence they lack adequate knowledge on gemstone mining, identification of type and its value, which places them at a disadvantage when selling their product, hence they are short-changed by buyers. The traditional classification of gemstones begins with a distinction between precious and semi-precious. In modern usage, the precious stones are diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald, with all other gemstones being semi-precious. Gemstones are categorised by gemmologists, who describe gems and their characteristics using technical terminology specific to the field of gemmology.

2.The overall objective of the manual is to develop a gemstone identification manual that describe the types of gemstones, how they are valued and train women gemstone miners using the manual

2.0 Objective of the Study/TOR

  • To develop a Gemstone Identification Manual
  • To Conduct two Trainings for women miners on gemstone identification and valuation using the manual

3.0 Time Frame

The study will be undertaken for 8 days from 21 December to 28 December 2022.

4.0 Specific Terms of References

  • To carry out an assessment of the mining operations methodologies of the gemstone miners in Karoi and Hurungwe (Mashonaland West Province).
  • To establish the extent of inclusion of women in the gemstone sector through lack of knowledge.
  • Undertake a desk review of existing literature pertaining to gemstone identification models in Southern Africa (A case study approach if used should cover Zimbabwe)
  • Conduct interviews with identified stakeholders to assess the identification needs for women in the gemstone sector and identify gaps in existing techniques.
  • Develop a ready to publish gemstone identification manual for gemstone value chain to capacitate women with marketing and trading skills.
  • To train women on gemstone identification and valuation

3.Key Deliverables

  1. Assessment of mining methods used by Karoi and Hurungwe gemstone miners
  2. To establish extent of inclusion through poor knowledge on gemstone types and trading skills
  3. Identification of Gemstone identification and valuation methods used in the Southern African region
  4. Interviews with stakeholders, women miners in the gemstone sector on gemstone identification gaps and proffer solutions
  5. Produce a draft gemstone identification manual in 8 days
  6. Conduct 2 Trainings for women miners on gemstone identification and valuation using the manual
  • Desired qualifications, experience and Skills

Certificate, degree in Gemmology, Geology, or related field. A strong understanding of gemstone mining and experience. At least 5 years of experience in gemmology and gemstone mining. Excellent report writing and communication skills.

5.How to Apply

Interested individuals or organizations to email their expression of interest, detailing their understanding of Terms of Reference, Methodology, proposed budget for the assignment and timelines to procurementzw@gmail.com  not later than 20 December, 2022 with a must include list of traceable references of two (2) reputable companies/organizations. 

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