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Call for Consultancy: Development of a Community Social Media Pack on Tax Justice and Extractives.

Deadline: COB  8th September 2023

A public interest organisation which seeks to promote environmental justice, sustainable and equitable use of natural resources, democracy and good governance in the natural resources and environment sector is seeking the services of a consultant to develop a social media pack on tax justice and extractives to be utilized by communities in advocacy initiatives.

1.0 Background
A just taxation system is a fundamental aspect of the post-COVID-19 recovery to address health and socio-economic crises worsened by the pandemic. This fact presents an opportunity for states to close tax loopholes and continue the fight against harmful tax practices, tax evasion and tax avoidance. Developing and poor economies in the global South face immense pressure to ensure that the limited financial resources available from the extraction of natural resources are channelled towards addressing the multiple crises.

To understand Zimbabwe’s mining taxation system, ZELA conducted research on the mineral taxation regime in Zimbabwe in comparison with Mozambique to draw lessons that the country can borrow from regional peers who also have natural resources as an anchor for economic recovery. The aim is to contribute towards addressing the issue by promoting transformative dialogue on mining taxation reforms, as the mining and environmental legislative developments being conducted in Mozambique and Zimbabwe present an opportunity to work on this matter.

Also, ZELA acknowledges that it is important for communities to be in the forefront in asking critical questions on the issues that affect them. It is on that basis that ZELA convened a meeting with community members to inform the development of the social media pack for the advocacy campaign. It is against this background that a consultant is being sought.

2.0 Consultancy Objectives
The overall objective of the consultancy is to develop a Social Media pack on tax justice and extractives to be utilized by community members in their advocacy and campaign targeting fellow community members, local, national, and regional policymakers. The social media pack must:
• Provide strategic guidance on approaches and messaging that communities can utilize to make key demands on tax justice and the mining sector.
• Include steps on how the messages and key demands can be implemented and branded to improve visibility.
• Provide sample foolproof, attention-grabbing ideas for communities to utilize on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.
• Be illustrative and community members friendly.

3.0 Key Deliverables
Working closely with the organisation, the following deliverables are expected from the consultant within three weeks of engagement:
• Develop an inception report and social media pack outline.
• Develop the social media pack which meets the requirements in 2.0 above.

4.0 Applicant requirements
Suitable applicants should have the following:
• Exceptional written and oral communication skills, with a strong demonstrated ability to convey complex ideas in a clear, direct, and lively style.
• Expertise social media communication, branding and media marketing
• Extensive work experience and proven record in campaigns.

5.0 To apply
Interested individuals/consultancy companies with demonstrable experience in conducting similar work are encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) which should not be more than 3 pages. The EOI must detail the applicant’s understanding of the TORs, proposed methodology, cost application, a summary of the applicant’s skills and experience, relevant to carrying out similar work or assignments, a sample of previous work and the applicant’s Curriculum Vitae, with names of three referees and their contact details (email and phone). Applications which do not meet the above documents will be regarded as incomplete and will not be considered. Applications must be addressed to procurementzw@gmail.com by the 8th September 2023. The title of the consultancy should be clearly stated in the email subject and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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