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Eunica Pabwaungana (Shurugwi Community Development Trust)

Three members from Unki mining company visited Village 4 on the 24th of September 2019 . They were meeting a community that comprises of all age groups, from teenagers to octogenarians. The agenda of the meeting was based on the community concerns over impacts of mining activities on the environment as well as community grievances and wishes .The trio had a questionnaire of seventeen questions .The mine representatives had to read each of the question and translate to our local language .Everyone from the village was given  his/ her own  questionnaire , and had to choose from the alternatives provided (NEVER , USUALLY , SOMETIMES , ALWAYS  and DON’T KNOW).

The questions were as follows :

1) Unki engages the community to identify social risks /community concerns associated with Unki ?

2) Unki communicates its social incidents and grievances procedures and is used by the community?

3) Unki provides feedback to keep community informed of mitigation measures implemented ?

4) I am positively affected by the Unki operation?

5) I am negatively affected by the Unki operation?

6) I use the communicated  operation procedures to report my / our concerns to Unki?

7) Unki responds to all the reported social incidents / grievences?

8) The responses are initiated and closed out in the line with the procedure time line?

9) Feedback on action taken to address the reported social incidents / grievances …

10) Which the following communication systems is most used when reporting social incidents and grievances VERBAL , WRITTEN , PHONE , SUGGESSTION BOXES , LOCAL STRUCTURES , MEETING

11) Does Unki involve Stakeholders / Community in decisions that affect them?

12) Does Unki deliver on its promises ?

13) Do you feel treated with care and respect in your engagement with Unki?

14) Unki is a good responsible neighbour ?

15) Unki is a bad responsible neighbour?

16) I don’t know

At last each community member had to select which of the following was a negative impact from mining activities why stating how

River water

Grazing land

Hazardous waste

Land degradation



Education , Schools


Borehole water

Crop farming






Social incidents

Dam water

Land of human settlements


Scared pits

Mine vehicle

Health service ,  clinic



Below the questions you were able to tick were you suit  on a) age group ,

 b) standard of education ,

c) marital status



1) The mine built toilets in the Village 2) Chironde primary ( local school ) was renovated

3) Grade seven girls were given sanitary pads by the mine in 2018 .

4) The road from Chironde to Vlge four was mentained


1) Open pits left by  the mine in 2008 when fetching gravel

2) Chimugomo bridge which was damaged by the mine trucks carrying gravel and is not yet repaired  

2) Both Chironde primary and secondary pupils are affected by over population  in classes due to families of the mine employees

3) The local clinic had never experienced on shortage  of drugs before , this again is  due to high drugs demand but less supply from the UNICEF and gvt

4) Some diseases like Drug Resistance Tuberculosis (DRT) have been diagnosed ,   meaning these can  spread in the ward


1) A community borehole is needed since its now more than seven yrs drinking water straight from the river

2) Creation of employment for local youths

3) A mine grinding meal at low cost as compared to seven bond per bucket at private grinding meals

3) Local bus with low fare as compared to private transport which charges ten bond from Chironde to Shurugwi

The  questionnaires were rendered back to the mine representatives.

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