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The Women Can Do It (WCDI) project targeting women miners and small business owners is a project that reflects magnificent transformation. The following testimonies told by women themselves show how the project has increased their self confidence, strengthened their struggle for women rights and gender equality and their motivation to become influential.

  1. My name is Tsitsi Matumba from Zvishavane Women Miners Association. I am a proud beneficiary of the Women Can Do It project which has managed to raise awareness on important aspects such as networking, advocacy, campaigning, democracy, women’s participation, communication, and conflict resolution. I have managed to train at least 30 women in my community on these important aspects and we agreed to create a community forum which we named -Mazvihwa women community which came into effect on the 30th August 2020. These women have become role models in the community with some having applied to own land, some have managed to buy their hammermills while others are now into chicken rearing. We have woman like Sunungurai Hove aspiring public office holders and this goes to show that nothing can stop us as long we are determined.WCDI has managed to bring change in the lives of many especially in my community. Some women are now making detergents, baking confectionary. I am a proud community based volunteer and peer educator,for me WCDI has managed to unleash my capabilities.
  2. My name is Shellinah Mazara, I am a miner. I am excited to share my story about the impact of the Women Can Do It (WCDI) project.i am among several women who attended a seminar in Mutare. Before the training I sometimes had moments where I got a bit worried about the field(mining)that I chose thinking it was mainly for men. I was not confident enough to a point of thinking of withdrawing, but when I attended the seminar, I learnt that gender does not matter in the field as women can also do it. I came out of the seminar with some braveness that I never had.  Safety was my worry but ladies who trained us were very knowledgeable and they left no question unanswered. I learnt a lot on safety measures which I am now applying in my field.  Having women from different places brought new ideas as well.  As for me the best part of the training was on public speaking, I learnt that when you speak you need to have facts and you need to speak with authority, which really helped me business wise. Addressing my employees is now easier than before. WCDI indeed changed my way of thinking and when I went back to my mine, I applied the knowledge that I had acquired. I am now very observant, I have become a strong woman that I never was and I now know who to approach or in other words where to go when I face challenges. I do appreciate the WCDI, it was indeed an eye opener and I do agree that we need more workshops of that sort.

Shellinah Mazara

Shellinah Mazara

Shellinah Mazara

3. I am Diana Kanyemba a young women miner. I am among several women who got a chance to attend WCDI training which was held in Mutare.

Before the training i couldn’t contribute in meetings with other miners, having a point in mind but I was afraid to say it out. I couldn’t find myself networking with others.

Benefits of the training.

I learnt how to present my issues and on which platform as a woman. Also learnt to network with others in my community.

I now know how to stand in front of a delegation presenting or giving a speech so much that the gathering understands me.

The newly me as a young  woman miner after WCDI

I can now stand for myself and other women in my province addressing our problems.

I managed to connect with other people and l got an opportunity to mine Gem stones in Guruve.

4. I am Christine Munyoro a miner who has been struggling to make ends meet in the mining Industry.I attended a Women Can Do It workshop in Mutare and I must confess that the workshop was an eye opener.

I learnt to stand firm even when things are hard,to be brave and work like my male counterparts.

I learnt that I should have confidence in all what I do and whenever faced with challenges, I should be able to present my issues to responsible authorities without fear.

Through that I can now stand for myself in all what I do.I am staying  at the Mine monitoring my workers and have now gained an element of bravery. Mugomba macho ndaakutomupindawo handichanyeperwi nemagweja,musango ndimo mune mari,loosely translated I can now manage to enter the shafts without fear and I must confess mining is a lucrative business. I appreciate, the capacity I have gained from WCDI project,you inspired me.

About the project

The Women Can Do It (WCDI) project is a part of NPA’s capacity building of partner organizations and their supporters focusing on awareness raising, increased self confidence amongst women in order to strengthen their struggle for women rights & gender equality and their motivation for becoming influential. The project aims at increased organization skills including networking, advocacy, lobby and mobilization so that they become change makers and to be influential in society and seek decision making positions on equal terms as men.

As NPA partners, ZELA is implementing the WCDI project targeting women miners and small business owners. From 17th – 24th June 2020, ZELA conducted a training of trainers on WCDI with selected women miners and small business owners in Bulawayo, Zvishavane and Mutare. The training aimed at training trainers who will be able to lead this in their communities and strengthen their own work as women along the mining value chain

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