WE DID IT! Right to a healthy environment resolution is adopted!


08 October 2021

We are overjoyed to say that the Human Rights Council has adopted the resolution recognizing our right to a healthy environment!
This recognition means more accountability from governments to ensure we live in a world with a safe and stable climate, a toxic-free
environment, with clean air, access to safe water and adequate
sanitation, healthy and sustainably produced food and thriving
biodiversity and ecosystems.  

This is an incredible achievement made possible by your endless
support. Thank you for your tireless efforts- from gathering over 1,350
endorsements from 75 countries for our Global Call to sharing over
4,300 online messages calling for a #HealthyEnvironmentForAll.  

We invite you to join us in celebration for this significant moment! Feel
free to use sample social media copy and graphics, which you can
#1 Finally: The @UN_HRC recognized the Right to a Healthy
Environment! Thank you to everyone who took part in spreading the
importance of a right to a #HealthyEnvironmentForAll. This step is crucial
for ensuring that all children have a future in a clean and safe
#2 Young people all over the world participated in #MyPlanetMyRights
and fought for their right to a healthy environment. Now that the right
has been recognized by the @UN_HRC, it has to pass in the @UN General Assembly. Let’s keep spreading the message: #HealthyEnvironmentForAll

#3 WONDERFUL NEWS! The @UN_HRC just adopted the resolution to recognize the right to a #HealthyEnvironmentForAll! This signals what we hope will be the beginning of a new era in rights-based environmental

#4 The time has come…after decades of demands from civil society & Indigenous Peoples organizations, the @UN_HRC approved the resolution to recognize the right to a healthy & sustainable environment!   We thank
you for taking the lead to ensure a #HealthyEnvironmentForAll.  

#5 🎉🎉🎉 Today the @UN_HRC has universally recognized the right
to a #HealthyEnvironmentForAll!   Champions of this movement – from children, business, Indigenous People, human rights institutions and civil
society organizations, UN and more – share why this step is so significant!   [Reply with these quote graphics]  

As we honor this major milestone, we will soon begin working towards
strengthening the recognition of the right to a healthy environment,
including it’s endorsement in the General Assembly.

Stay tuned!  

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