ZELA using the law to protect and conserve the environment


Case Brief

DEKA river water pollution

On behalf of Greater Hwange Residents Trust,ZELA requested information in terms of section 62 of the Constitution from Environmental Management Agency on the DEKA  water pollution case. It has been advised by its members in Mashala and Makwa  in Hwange that they are suffering due to the high levels of water pollution in the Deka River. The members are of the view that the water pollution as a result of effluents discharged into the river by various mining companies who are not being put to task. Among our client’s members and other members of the community several cases of rotting teeth, swollen stomach, death of aquatic life and livestock and stunted growth of crops have been reported.Basically, the information requested relates to the companies that are responsible for the pollution, the environmental protection orders that have been issued by EMA and as well the mitigation measures if any. The thrust of this case is to promote and protect the right to water as enshrined in section 77 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.   

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